Full cone nozzle
In these nozzles liquid entering the nozzle passes through the orifice and exits the voids in the spiral.



As it exits, the fluid deflects off the spiral surfaces to form the full or hollow cone pattern.


This fact assures minimal clogging and maximum flow through passages than other nozzles of comparable size.


Spiral nozzles provide an excellent coverage and are an ideal solution for cooling, washing and rinsing.


They are available in AISI 316 stainless steel, Polypropilene, and other materials on request, related to your application, fluid characteristic and pressure.




Check with SPRAYTECS for critical dimension, pressure, capacity, fluids in your applications.



Nozzle materials must meet correctly chemical composition of fluids in your processes.



Spray angle performance varies with pressure. Contact SPRAYTECS for specific data on your critical applications.



Ask us for price about nozzles of size or material not present in this list, but similar those listed.




The picture above shows the spray pattern of these nozzles

































































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