Now all the content of our website becomes a large catalog of printable and downloadable PDF files, with all the latest information online, every time!

Our site allows immediate download of files (or prints) with the only content of your interest, simply by pressing a button during your on-line consultation of any content.


1) Simply place your cursor in a text content of the topic of interest (eg, Full Cone Nozzles-Tangential slotted vane less)
2) Press the right mouse button (or if you have a laptop PC, the right button at the bottom of your touchpad) to open a small menu where you can choose "Print"
3) This will open the window here indicated below, where you can choose the destination of your content (also it shows the number of pages in total): one of your printers or the generation of a PDF file ...



The contents of our website are optimized for a video consultation, which is the most frequent, fast, and always available even on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, anywhere.

But currently  we're making them accessible even when paginated and printed on paper, with a further level of optimization.

If some of the contents of a table or an image are split on 2 pages, the problem is dammed only as aesthetic result, because no information is lost, everything is still correctly readable.

Indispensable factor in a working tool like the Spraytecs website!

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